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Bachelor Programme in Print Media Technologies: Hochschule der Medien, a University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (Germany) offer a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Print Media Technologies (B. Eng.) for students seeking to study media production, media engineering, corporate management and business in an international context.

The education in media engineering builds on subjects such as Information Technologies, Pre-Media (Photography, Post Production, CGI) and Pre Press Technologies, Cross Media Publishing, Variable Data Printing, 3D Printing (additive manufacturing), Product Development, Technical Product Design, Packaging and Industrial Printing such as décor, printed electronics and lifestyle products. The education in management includes courses in Intercultural Problem Solving, Strategic Corporate Planning, Production and Material Management, International Management and Law as well as classes in Business Administration.

The programme runs over 3 ½ years. All subject related lectures are conducted in English. In common with all courses at European Universities, the programme in Print Media Technologies is credit rated. Our students may use the mobility window during the sixth semester for studying in the US or Canada.


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